Production Manager

Production Manager

Full time


The role of The Production Manager is to manage day to day operations of a define process, ensuring that the finished products are being manufactured to exceed customer expectations on Quality, Cost and Delivery, whilst leading this process towards being operationally excellent, embedding Operational Excellence as part of the day to day.

The Production Manager is expected to lead the transformation towards Operational Excellence and to mentor, coach and guide the development of the workforce towards embedding Operational Excellence as part of the day to day operations via effective management of People, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Security targets for the assigned process/es.

This, whilst supporting the Process Manager in providing leadership and support to direct reports ensuring they are appropriately motivated, developed and performance managed

DIMENSIONS AND REPORTING LINES (number of reports and financial values)

Any figures to show context of role, i.e. budget managed, size of team, size of customer account. Key questions to consider: Does this role have any direct reports? Will the role manage a virtual/matrix team? Is the role holder responsible for a budget?


Main areas of focus for the Manufacturing Manager would include:
  • Lead and Empower HPT (High Performance Teams) - Making People before making products
  • OpEx - Coaching and Mentoring
  • CI (Continuous Improvement) – Kaizen as a way of life
  • Operational leadership – Day to day focus on operations management of assigned process/es
Within these areas of focus, some challenges will include.
Operational Leadership.
  • Ensure the cost effective use of manufacturing equipment.
  • Ensures all staff has appropriate skill and behaviours and that training and development plans are implemented across their teams to enable employees to meet future skill needs.
  • Lead an environment that promotes interdepartmental cohesion and communication, aligning key deliverables with supporting functions in order to drive tangible and sustainable improvements in SSPQCD.
  • Works to a balanced set of KPIs and strategic objectives set by HOO and Process Manager
Leading, developing and managing people
  • The Manufacturing Manager should provide excellent leadership to help people perform to their potential through motivating, development and empowerment.
  • The Manufacturing Manager should focus on creating, leading and maintaining High Performing Teams (HPT), and their structure as part of his day to day, and strategic focus.
Providing structure, direction and purpose (Effective communication/regular meetings)
  • To Coach, mentor and guide the execution of the OpEx Strategy, methodologies and tools. Ensure stakeholders understand what they need to know in order to perform well in their Operational Excellence journey.
  • To lead and facilitate the adoption of lean manufacturing techniques and nurture a culture of continuous improvement towards achieving higher levels of operational excellence. Frequently in the context of Lean & Kaizen, these tools include 5S and Visual Factory techniques, Problem-Solving, Standard Work, PDCA Process Improvement, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen and TPM.
  • Regular reviews to discuss activities, priorities, progress and challenges.
  • Promote regular team meetings to share knowledge, resolve internal or external concerns and sharing success.
Setting Standards, Expectations and Objectives
  • Be clear about expectations – Business Plans, Team Charters, Objectives and KPIs.
  • Objectives set and or followed should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. (SMART).
  • Be clear about what authority/decision-making is delegated to individuals - Empowerment & Accountability.
  • Be clear about what authority is not delegated and how/when you expect to be consulted or referred to – Escalation.
  • Be clear about expectations for standards of behaviour and the ethics that apply to your type of work – Discipline.
  • If particular policies, legislation or standards apply, ensure they are appropriately monitored and enforced - Manage.
  • Be a good role model for behaviour and promote discipline on the shop floor - LEAD.
Driving Continuous Improvement as part of day to day
  • Focused on identifying, assessing, and analysing opportunities for achieving the established operational excellence levels in order to drive tangible and sustainable performance improvements in QCD-SSP.
  • Directly interacts with organisational teams to align training and improvement plans with the Group and Site Specific objectives, and ensures that projects have clear ownership within the organisation to drive execution.
  • Develops Current and Future State maps that provide organisational teams with a roadmap for driving safety, quality, delivery, and cost productivity improvements.
  • Extract, Create & Analyse Data from OFX and other available sources, translating it into information to drive recommendations for improvement and decision making.
  • Make documented proposals (A3 driven) for process and procedure improvements and communicate with management and leadership team on implementation of changes.
  • Manage and control the improvement projects using project management tools.
  • Track, measure, and report progress on improvements using standard, established Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Create and maintain visual displays and storyboards within the site to propagate the OpEx message and inform every one of the ongoing activities.
  • Establish PDCA CI Cycle on key processes as routine. Utilise OFX to measure performance.
  • Lead, plan and facilitate improvement/kaizen activities.
  • Progress and support a TPM programme based on AM/PM.
  • Define blockages to continuous improvement and escalate to leadership & management.
  • Identify and specify equipment or tools that can be manufactured or purchased to support improvements.
  • To always act and behave in a way compliant with all company guidelines and policies, especially those relating to Environmental Health and Safety, ethics and codes of conduct.
  • The above list is not exhaustive. You will be required to undertake other duties within your capabilities, consistent with this role, to support the needs of the business.
Divisional Authentication
  • Support the Divisional leadership team, executing the strategy for Authentication in terms of the core GRS and Brand Protection propositions.
  • Provide subject matter expertise to support effective decision making provide input as required to the annual strategic planning cycle.
  • Support and follow the governance and operational disciplines applicable across the division.
Common to all roles
  • To ensure full participation in the performance development review (PDR) process and maintain an up to date record of all training and development activities/programs.
  • To always act and behave in a way compliant with all company guidelines and policies, especially those relating to values and behaviours, environmental health and safety, ethics and codes of conduct, as it is through living our values that we strengthen the culture of our business and demonstrate our understanding of our Code of Business Principles. Further information on our company values can be found in our “Living the Values” guidelines.

CAPABILITY (qualifications, experience and skills)

  • Process/Manufacturing Expertise. Ability to communicate vision and explain what good looks like.
  • A thorough understanding of manufacturing processes. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Strong communication, influencing and relationship management skills at all levels, internally and externally.
  • Understands principles of Lean Manufacturing, 5S and Continuous improvement.
  • Experience in the tools and techniques needed to support Built in Quality and Structure Problem Solving.
  • Ability to challenge conventional work practices and establish new ‘lean based’ ways of working as routine - Serve as a change agent.
  • Highly Analytical - Extracting, Creating & Analyzing Data translating it into information.
  • Able to deliver training and follow up with coaching & mentoring.
  • Flexibility to respond to quickly and appropriately to changing business needs.
  • Degree level education and post graduate qualification an advantage.
Role: Production Manager
Contract: Indefinite
Working hours: Full time 40hrs
Salary: €45K-€48K per annum
Other Benefits: Health insurance cover for the selected and his/her dependent
10% annual bonus plan

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