Work with recruitment company as freelance recruiter

January 28, 2023
Gergana Mashal

Working as a freelance recruiter with a recruitment company can be a great way to gain access to a wide variety of clients and job opportunities while maintaining the flexibility and autonomy of freelance work.

When working with a recruitment company, you will typically be given a list of job openings that the company is looking to fill. You will then be responsible for sourcing and screening candidates for these positions. You will also be responsible for managing the interview process and providing feedback to the company.

One of the biggest advantages of working with a recruitment company as a freelance recruiter is the access to a large pool of job openings. This can provide you with a steady stream of work, as well as the opportunity to work on a variety of different types of positions.

Another advantage is that recruitment companies often have established relationships with clients, which can open doors for you as a freelancer. They have a good reputation, and that can help you in building a good reputation in the industry.

From the other side you will have the flexibility that freelancing provides. As a freelance recruiter, you have the ability to set your own schedule and take on projects that align with your interests and expertise. This allows you to work on a variety of different assignments and industries, giving you the opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge.

Working with a recruitment company also allows you to focus on recruiting and building relationships with candidates, rather than spending time and resources on business development. This can be especially beneficial for new or less experienced recruiters who may not yet have a large network.

Additionally, recruitment companies typically have a support team in place to handle administrative tasks, such as invoicing, which can save you time and resources.

Overall, working with a recruitment company as a freelance recruiter can offer a number of advantages, including access to a wide variety of job openings, established relationships with clients, and support with administrative tasks. It’s a great option for recruiters looking to build their careers while maintaining the flexibility of freelance work.

It’s important to note that different recruitment companies have different terms and conditions, so it is important to carefully review the agreement before signing up. Also, it’s good to have an open communication with the recruitment company and clear expectations on both sides. We at H&R CONSULT consider our Freelance affiliates as equal partners and offering them the best conditions on the local Market. If you are interested in possible cooperation and partnership contact us on [email protected] 

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